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Character Customization has been re-tooled in the game Romero's Aftermath. You can customize your character at any time in the game. Things you can change include your characters: Hair, Masks, Helmets, Chest, Legs.

Feet and Costumes have been removed from the game. We are not sure why it got removed from the game. In able to unlock certain Cosmetic items, you can either spend money to buy GD to buy Crate Keys or you can farm Zombies that has a low chance of dropping a Crate Key.

[edit | edit source]

Bone Collector Scarf
Brazilian Scarf
Hunting Scarf
Jungle Scarf
Night Stalker Scarf
Red Scarf
Sand Scarf
Survivor Scarf
Halloween Bandit
Mistletoe Murderer
Aviators 360
Aviators Classic
Aviators Sport
Aviators X
Slotted Raver
Green Machine
Bloody Desert
Bloody Forest
Forest Camo
Desert Camo
Black Goggles
Ski Goggles
Grid Head
Evil Red Eye
Hell Skull
Diabolical Pumpkin
Familiar Face
Big Game Hunter
Tribal Voodoo
Island Voodoo
Muerto Mask
Jeison Mask
Night Stalker Mask
Metal Man
Carnival Mask
The Friend
Sad Day
Santa's Beard

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